Thursday, August 25, 2011

Didier Drogba’s loving Wife Biography (photos)

Alla Drogba is the beautiful wife of Chelsea player Didier Drogba. Unlike her hubby, she is very shy, but we can tell you a few things about this sexy lady. Keep reading to learn the rest of this story plus check out Alla Drogba’s photos and videos below.
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Didier Drogba Wife

Didier Drogba Wife

Didier Drogba Wife

Alla’s talented husband Didier was born in Ivory Coast, but he also has a French citizenship. He is currently playing with Chelsea, but he is also getting ready to join Ivory Coast’s national team at the World Cup in South Africa in June. We heard that Mrs. Drogba was really shy and really beautiful, which brought us to do a little research about her, so let’s meet her!

Lalla Diakite was born in the Republic of Mali located in Western Africa. She is a Muslim, her father was a soccer player in Mali, and she is the only child from her parents who had her when they were very young. Her parents divorced and remarried later on. Now Alla has more siblings. She is also the niece of Mali’s president Amadou Toumani Toure. She met her hubby in France when they were just teenagers, but it was during a soccer game in Vannes, Brittany in France that they reconnected. Didier’s cousin was a friend of Alla.

They has been together for over 9 years now, and they still haven’t get married, due to Alla’s hubby busy schedules, but they will eventually. She said that she has always lived a private and very reserved life. Alla said that people don’t know who she is even in France or Mali–she is unknown and that’s the way she likes it. She is hardly seen in public with her husband, it was so hard to find a picture of her, but don’t worry here you can take a look at Alla’s picture taking a walk with her him.

Alla welcomed her first son Isaac 1999, he is currently a supporter for Arsenal. Then came a beautiful daughter, and another boy and just last May 3rd we heard that All gave birth to their fourth son Kieran. Some people never found out that she was even pregnant due to her way of staying away from all media, but an incident with her cleaning lady and the police told us that during that episode Alla was pregnant.

Maybe Didier Drogba’s beautiful wife likes to stays out of the spotlight, but we think she really is beautiful. Take a look at Alla Drogba’s photo and video below.

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