Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cristian Gonzáles

He is one of the most lethal striker in the history of Indonesian football competition. Its ability to kick, scored, positioning, vision game, and the header is the flagship. Besides his ability, he is also renowned physical specimen.When playing in Uruguay, he was assigned as a midfielder Serang. Productivity is not good until he finally moved to Indonesia to join the PSM Makassar with Free Transfer status, and the plot as the attacker. From here he proves its quality as a powerful attacker.In summer 2006, he was the most expensive player in the Premier League Indonesia according to the data of Indonesia to pay Rp 1.2 billionAfter marriage, he had an Indonesian passport, his wife was a woman named Eva Nurida Siregar Indonesia. From his marriage, he obtained two children (Fernando and Florencia). He also has had two children, the results of a previous marriage (Amanda and Michael).
Here's a list of cases Cristian Gonzalez

* Involved in a fight with fellow colleagues in Sud America, in 2000. He then removed his club management with status of Free Transfer.
* Involved in a fight with fellow colleagues at Deportivo Maldonado, in 2002. He then removed his club management with status of Free Transfer.
* In the second round of Liga Indonesia 2004, Cristian Gonzalez beat Liverpool FC manager at Fortress Stadium. He was sentenced to a year by the Disciplinary Commission of PSSI, but can graze again when the new sentence run 6 months.
* In Indonesia League finals 2006, Cristian Gonzalez gore striker PSIS Semarang, Emanuel de Porras. He was sentenced to as many as three games for it, but never performed.
* In 2007, he spat in the referee Hidayat when Persik Kediri entertained Pelita Jaya. He was sentenced to as many as three games for it, but never performed.
* In the last eight Liga Indonesia 2007, he fought with a defender Persija Jakarta, Herman Abanda. But again, acquired three-game penalty was never carried out.
* In November 2008, the Disciplinary Commission PSSI sentenced her 1-year ban for hitting defender PSMS Medan, Erwinsyah Hasibuan. He mengajukkan PSSI appeal to the Appeal Commission, but the appeal was rejected, and the Appeals Commission participated strengthen sanctions given by the Disciplinary Commission. However, in February 2009 he declared should play for Persib Bandung after PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid give forgiveness.
Cristian Gonzalez is known by his temparamental. Since the first sod in Indonesia in 2003, he had got the penalty of the Disciplinary Commission PSSI five times because of violent behavior toward opponents and the harassment of referees, but the penalties are almost never carried out effectively because the chairman of the PSSI, Nurdin Halid, who was impressed protect . Even for the case of the 5th, the National League Indonesia claims could not do anything when punishment ban of 12 months should be canceled by Nurdin Halid when the new sentence run 3 months. This was questioned several parties, including PSMS Medan stating that the PSSI has removed the element of learning and Nurdin Halid was favoritism in giving forgiveness.
Cristian Gérard Alvaro Gonzáles (born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 30 August 1976) is an Uruguayan-born Indonesian footballer who plays as a striker for Persib Bandung. He has been 4 times Liga Indonesia top scorer and has scored 173 goals in the Liga Indonesia. In his early career he played along with Alvaro Recoba in the Uruguay U-20.As of 3 November 2010, he officially holds an Indonesian passport and has become the first naturalized player to be called up to the Indonesian national football team.
In 2000, on expiry of his contract, he moved to Deportivo Maldonado on a free transfer. He played 22 times and scored one goal.
He started playing in Indonesia in 2003, joining PSM Makassar. In that season he scored 27 goals. PSM won the Liga Indonesia in that season. He was fined Rp20 million for hitting one of the officials from Persita Tangerang and was suspended.
Free from suspension, he joined and led Persik Kediri to become champions of Liga Indonesia in 2006. In 2008 he was sentenced to suspension by the PSSI for unsportsmanlike behaviour. A financial crisis at Persik Kediri led Persik management to rationalize salaries. Gonzáles was one of the few players who was against the decision and looked for another club.

Indonesia vs The Philippines - 1st Goal by Christian Gonzales

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