Sunday, January 30, 2011

Erika prezerakou Greek pole vaulter

The woman pictured below is named Erika Prezerakou, and allegedly she’s a pole vaulter for the Greek National Team. We say “allegedly” because every time we try to read actual words about Ms. Prezerakou, our eyes drift back to the photos and we completely forget what we were reading about anyway.

So what we’re saying is we have no idea if she’s the world’s greatest pole vaulter or the world’s worst pole vaulter. All we know is that if there was an Olympic competition for wedgie-picking, the IOC might have to retire the event in her honor.

Erika prezerakou Omympic Pole Vaulter
Erika prezerakou high jump
Erika prezerakou back view
Erika prezerakou sexy athlete
Erika prezerakou hot
Erika prezerakou pole vaulter

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