Thursday, April 15, 2010

LeBron James King James

Introducing LeBron James from Cleverland Cavalier

Lebron : Wow ! I am so famous.
Dwight : Hehehe......

LeBron Raymond James is one of the best NBA player in this era. He also known as King James , was arguably the most talk-about high-schooler into NBA Draft pick. In his short time in the NBA unbelievably , he has lived up the hype. The body of a power forward , the quickness of a small forward , the eyes of a power guard , and the knowledge of a 10-year NBA veteran and his only weakness is a consistent jumpshot but now jumpshot has become his lethal weapon. LeBron 's size ( 6 ft 8 in 250lb ) and strength , his athleticism and knowledge , his ability to see the floor like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and he is a perfect scoring machine.

Olympic 2008 in Beijing , China

Lebron : You can't stop my layup , Oberto.
Oberto : Please don't hurt me.

Lebron : I want to do my signature move.
Gasol : LeBron... stop attack the rim. I can't hold anymore. Your muscle are too powerful.

Lebron : You again. Stop mess around with me.
Oberto : I will lead Argentina to Final without Manu.
Lebron : I will crush your dream , peasant.

LeBron sent the ball into the basket with a one-handed slam.

Lebron : Can you stop me , boy ? Let you see my high accuracy jumpshot.

LeBron drives to the hoop with his muscular body.

Lebron : Good job , Kobe. Wanna do some one-on-one practise with me after this?
Kobe : No thank. I will consider it next time.

Kobe : Hey LeBron and Wade. You guys wanna join Lakers after Olympic.
Wade : Sorry man. I prefer to stay in Miami.
Lebron : Hmmmmmm......

Kobe : Come on ! You wanna join Lakers or not?
Lebron : Nope. I prefer to be my King James in Cleverland.

LeBron : Yeah! My first Olympic ring.

Lebron : When I can get my first NBA Playoff Championship.

NBA 58th All Star Game in Phoenix

Lebron : Wade , why you want to place a plaster under your left eye?
Wade : I want to look cool.

Lebron : Hey guy ! Can you can guard properly?
Amare : You are too strong.
CP : Hey bro ! I am short.
Duncan : I am too old and already cannot jump very high.

LeBron James is the MVP of the NBA season 2008-2009

Lebron : Believe me that I am the most dominate player in the NBA.

Some highlight dunk of LeBron career

LeBron with his signature two-handed dunk in his rookie year.

LeBron with his amazing one-handed dunk at freethrow line.

Lebron : Bye Bye , Tayshaun Prince because I am the King James.
Prince : Stop please. This is my homecourt and stop embrass me.
Lebron : Maybe next time. This is playoff.

LeBron : Can you stop me , Kobe ?
Kobe : Speechless.

Can you really stop him , Dwight ?

LeBron drives towards the rim and prepare to deliver a two-handed slam.

LeBron James dunk over the Kevin Garnett

Maxiell : Oh my God ! His dunk is too powerful.
Lebron : Really ? But I haven't use my full strength yet.

LeBron : Bye Bye , Howard.

Lebron : Wow ! You tries to block me.
Odom : I can't reach your hand.
Lebron : This my win.

Lebron throws a graceful dunk.

Lebron dunks over Duncan , Amare and CP.

LeBron James with his amazing dunk from freethrow line.

West : I want to join Cavalier.
Lebron : Ok.

LeBron dunks over Brook Lopez.

Finally , his trademark chalk toss.

Lebron : Ready my chalk powder.

Lebron : I am the CHOSEN ONE aka King James.

Lebron : I really enjoy the chalk toss.

Finest clutch performance of LeBron James

LeBron James made a 3-point shot over Hedo Turkoglu.

LeBron : Yeah ! I did it.
Sasha : You 're really my hero.

LeBron reacts to the crowd after making the game winning 3-point.

Even Cavalier lost to Magic in this series but the King will return to his throne.

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