Sunday, January 17, 2010

Johnny Depp in Portsmouth? Oh yeah, I think I saw Russell Crowe, too.

Yup, it's Johnny Depp, having a drink at Harpoon Willy's.

Yup, it's Johnny Depp, having a drink at Harpoon Willy's.

Ah yes, it’s summer in Portsmouth, time for Johnny Depp to make his annual trip to the Seacoast. It gets kinda boring in L.A. this time of year. We hear he wanted to check out the great service at Ri Ra. He’s also a big fan of Family Affair, so he swung by D. Street to see if they were playing. And of course, he wanted to try out Smuttynose’s new Starfish beer.

Seriously, though, is this what passes for journalism these days? I know it’s a blog, but it is affiliated with a newspaper, right? I mean, even us schlubs at the BDR attempt to write about things that aren’t made up.

OK. Rant over. Here’s a couple of other quick notes on this balmy Friday night:

– It appears the Portsmouth po-lice are going to be cracking down on drunk drivers like never before, with three times as many DWI checkpoints as they’ve had in past years. So consider yourself warned. And if you can’t afford a room at the Hilton, don’t worry, those benches at Prescott Park aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as they look. In fact, we hear that’s where Johnny Depp sleeps when he’s in town. Maybe you can get an autograph.

– And don’t forget, Moe’s sandwich shop on Daniel Street is rolling back prices to 45 cents a sandwich on Saturday to mark it’s big 50th anniversary. If you haven’t had one (and I’m sure most of you have), they’re delicious. Just don’t plan on going out to the bars on Saturday night, because it’ll take about a week to get rid of that onion breath.

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