Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Sports Betting Pick – June 24

Since nobody is really in the bet horses mood (since the Triple Crown is done, let’s bet on some early NFL futures:

NFL Odds: Cincinnati Bengals Over 6.5

Chad Johnson

Cincinnati Bengals had a rough year last year but you add their two best players into the equation – Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer – and all of this you’ve got a team. The defense should also be solid as Keith Rivers missed most of his rookie year, which means the team is adding basically two first-round picks now. This team might not be great but they’ll be 8-8.

The price per head for the Bengals will go down as people realize they are a sleeper.Everyone is on the hunt through their best online sportsbook for all the NFL furutres which are finally posted, but for now let’s stick with Wimbledon. NFL is still a month away.

Wimbledon Odds: Roger Federer +110

Roger Federer

Now that Rafael Nadal is out of the way at Wimbledon, it becomes Roger Federer’s show. There really isn’t a whole lot of competition for Federer outside of maybe Juan Martin Del Potro or Andy Murray, but nobody takes either of them seriously. Even so, Federer will have one big unexpected scare at Wimbledon. If he can handle it, he’ll win it with ease.

Tiger Woods

The price per head value for the golfers isn’t equal here so look for an underdog. We’re forced to

Tiger Woods

There isn’t much value betting Woods this weekend. He’s a huge favorite and the public is all over him. At the same time, sometimes you pay for a brand name because it is simply better quality. That’s the case here with Woods as I’m more comfortable backing him on this impossible course, where he has won before, opposed to betting someone else who may or may not really have a chance to win.


Tiger Woods US Open

It’s hard to argue with Woods at the US Open this weekend. Bethpage is a tumultuous course but he’s tamed it before, winning at Bethpage Black back in 2002. He’s a huge favorite on the odds so go with what the odds makers are telling you: he’ll win.

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Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in control in this entire series but the Magic are just one game away from tying it. On one hand, that’s a good sign. On the other hand, they had to shoot and NBA Finals record 62% from the field just to win Game 3 – and they only won by four. Look for the Lakers to sneak one out in Game 4 as they take a stranglehold on the series.

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