Friday, January 15, 2010

And Now With Two Good Legs


We hate to be redundant and offer two posts in a row focused on golf, but this entry can be filed under human interest – in the sense that if you’re a human, you’re probably interested to know that Tiger Woods is back. Tiger announced today that his return to the PGA Tour, after a ten month absence to repair his left leg, will be this weekend at the World Golf Championship Accenture Match Play Championship held at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Marana, Arizona. Everyone knows the story by now – how, on one leg, he eagled and birdied on command, won his 3rd U.S. Open, and turned Rocco Mediate into a household name. You will be spared the details. But many critics are questioning his decision to make his triumphant return at this event. How is his leg? Is he 100%? Why return for a match play event? Will he be prepared mentally?

Here is a quick summation.

His leg is fine. In fact, it’s now bionic. The doctors have installed a chainsaw so that he may quickly and thoroughly remove any trees that might hinder his ball flight.

He can be 75% and still be 100% ahead of the rest of the tour. Personally, I think we’ve seen Tiger play at 100% only twice. The 1997 Masters, where he dominated the field by 12 strokes, and the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach – a runaway 15 stroke victory. He found these wins boring and has since decided to “back it off a bit.”

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