Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Roger Clemens, the forty-five-year-old major league baseball player, has denied rumors concerning the ten-year affair he allegedly engaged in with country music star Mindy McCready.

Although the former Red Sox pitcher confirms that he has a relationship with McCready, he claims that is was not an inappropriate one. According to The Daily News, Clemen’s lawyer reported that Roger “considered her a close family friend,” and that he “has never had a sexual relationship with her."

The supposed affair began when the singer was fifteen and while Clemens was a twenty-eight-year-old father of two, and details of their relationship could potentially come out during McCready’s upcoming projects which include a documentary about her life and a reality TV show.

The Daily News sited several anonymous sources and claimed that, even after ending their affair, Clemens was still involved with McCready’s life and helped her through her self-destructive relationships with other men, as well as through her financial troubles.

This information could prove damaging to Clemens lawsuit against his former trainer Brian McNamee, because Roger’s case is based partially on his character, which will most likely become tarnished in light of a scandal involving an extra-marital affair with a minor.

Additionally, the rumors of the affair have caused Clemens to be under investigation for perjury during his testimony to Congress.

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Roger Clemens

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