Saturday, December 5, 2009

Prowling Paula Creamer Always Makes an Impression

Paula CreamerAnother day, another Paula post...And that shouldn't surprise anyone.

This "it" girl of the golf world has so much going on right now that multiple weekly Paula posts will probably become commonplace around here. In fact, the title of this post was inspired by Paula's eyeware collection for Sundog. In addition to "Strive" (which she definitely does) Paula's other designs are called "Prowl" and "Impression".

My friends over at RizzoSports, caught up with the gorgeous golf girl recently and asked her about her lots of things; from her beginnings in the game, to how she celebrates her ever more frequent wins. They even asked her about golf dating... and came up with one outrageous question that had her responding, "...Huh??"

It's an awesome interview, so check it out. Because, if you're like me, you just can't get enough of the fun, fabulous Paula Creamer.

Paula Creamer

Though she's best known for pink on pink, no one does patriotic like Paula Creamer. And who better to present Independance Day greetings than the top ranked US golf girl.

Whether you're on the course or at a family cookout or just chilling out at home... enjoy a safe, happy, fun (and fireworks) filled holiday!

Paula Creamer

We're all for innovation here at EM, so we thought we'd bring you this golf picture of Paula Creamer from an angle that we usually don't see. This is from Sunday's Evian Masters in France.

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