Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here's a picture of DerekJeter's family - his white American mom, his black/African-American pop, and his sis.

Derek is half white American and half African-American.

Barack Hussein Obama Junior had a father who was an African - from Kenya, NOT African-American.

His mother was a white American.

Here are pictures of them; (FUNNY: I could not find a single picture of the three of them together. WEIRD! What does THAT means!?)

Derek's ethnicity is NOT the same as Barack's. Derek's father was a descendant of the African's brought here against their will; Barack's WAS NOT.

Derek's parents stayed together and raised him and his sister as AMERICANS. Derek is one of the greatest athletes ever to play OUR NATIONAL PAST-TIME.

Barack was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. He struggled with his identity until his conversion by Jeremiah Wright. Some say Wright didn't convert him to Christianity, but actually made Barack an African-American. The "Black Liberation Theology" practiced at Obama's church would seem to back this up.

Barack's greatest accomplishment has been his ability to make African-Americans think he's one of them - even though he is NOT the descendant of slaves, even though his ancestors were NEVER victims of segregation or Jim Crow, and even though his parents NEVER took part in the Civil Rights Movement.

He is in the process of fooling white Americans about more than his identity; he is fooling many about his political ideology.

He is running as a uniter and a doer, even though he is the most liberal Senator currently serving, and one who has NOTHING top show for his entire term to date: HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING.

And despite the fact that he has UNITED nothing and no one.

The core of Barack's identity really is this: he is a sly sweet-talking LIAR and a thoroughly corrupt Chicago politician, who is a member of a racist church, who is also a hard-core leftist who has already begun to list the taxes he will increase.

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